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1-21-1 Tamagawa, Chofu City, Tokyo Pref., 182-0025, Japan

Website https://www.kpg.jp/
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PR message We are a mold maker focusing on the design and manufacture of press dies. We will exhibit precision press dies that punch out various materials, blade dies that do not require a backing plate, dies for vent holes in plastic resin containers, and the production control system KPG IoT Solution.
The Main Item

Steam vent processing mold for plastic resin containers
The name of Item[1] Steam vent processing mold for plastic resin containers

In the steam vent hole processing die of the plastic resin container, drawing processing is formed in any shape, and at the same time, the side surface is sheared. When processing the vents with a general press die, scrap is generated and there is a risk of mixing in the container, but with the same die, it is possible to process the vents without generating scraps. Therefore, production is possible safely.
The name of Item[2] Blade type that does not require a backing plate

With the blade type that does not require a backing plate, the sheet member can be fully cut without using a backing plate or carrier sheet. Engraving blade type A full cut is realized without damaging the engraving blade by processing the fine groove processing on the die plate according to the product shape.
The name of Item[3] Blade type that can be continuously punched using a self-healing film

When processing sheet products with a blade type or engraving blade type, the blade is cut by biting into the backing plate of synthetic resin or functional film. Scratches on the backing plate reduce the cutting performance, so it is necessary to replace the backing plate after using it to some extent.
A carrier sheet may be used instead of the backing plate, but since the carrier sheet is attached to the entire sheet material for processing, the work man-hours increase and the material cost increases significantly.
By using a self-healing film for the backing plate of the blade type and engraving blade type, the scratches on the film surface can be self-repaired at each processing, enabling continuous punching.
The name of Item[4] Production management system KPG IoT Solution

The KPG IoT solution is a system that collects various data on the cloud, monitors the operating status, and analyzes the data using the in-house developed "M2M device" based on FANUC's IoT software "MT-LiNKi". . By visualizing the value of the factory, it contributes to productivity improvement and cost reduction.
The name of Item[5] Simple punch punching die FQDC that can be used from the 90,000 yen level

FQDC consists of an upper mold and a lower mold that are made according to the product to be punched, and an attachment that attaches the mold. The attachment is made according to the press environment, and the mold can be fixed with four screws. If there is a change in the product to be punched, it can be easily punched by simply attaching the corresponding upper and lower molds to the attachment. The effective processing range is 150 mm x 100 mm.
The merits of introducing FQDC are (1) shipping within the next day at the longest, (2)high cost merit because it is excellent in profitability even in small-quantity production, (3)easy handling method and no technology required, depending on the handling operator. There are no unstable elements of quality, (4) Both the upper and lower molds are lightweight at about 1 kg, so even women can easily carry them. (5) The compact mold makes it possible to effectively utilize the jigs and tools storage space. , And so on.
The name of Item[6] Three-dimensional shape mold

Cut decorative film molded products in 3D shape along the shape. We make various types of 3D dies such as punching, compounding, and engraving dies.
The name of Item[7] Clock parts

The hour hand, minute hand, second hand, pin buckle, dial, etc. are finely machined using our unique technology. We manufacture custom-made products from luxury watch makers.
The name of Item[8] Production management system KPG IoT Solution

KPG IoT Solution is a production control system that collects and analyzes data and monitors the operating status in the cloud using in-house developed M2M equipment based on FANUC's IoT software MT-LINKi.
By visualizing the value of the factory, it contributes to productivity improvement and cost reduction.
The name of Item[9] Cemented Carbide Engraving Blade Type

Cemented carbide is a material that is difficult to cut because it is extremely hard and brittle, but we have made it possible to cut it with the latest processing technology.
The petals of the cherry blossoms are made of cemented carbide and serve as blades.
The tip of the blade is extremely sharp and is in the area of microfabrication.
Advanced technology is required to achieve this with cemented carbide.
The name of Item[10] Ultrasonic vibration press die

By incorporating an ultrasonic horn into the press die, ultrasonic press processing has become possible with a general-purpose servo press.
By combining ultrasonic vibration and servo press motion, unprecedented press processing has become possible.
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