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Booth NO. 6B-231




Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi Prefecture 480-0193

Website http://www.okuma.co.jp/
Phone number +81-587-95-7825
FAX +81-587-95-6074
PR message Starting with the MU-4000V-L 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center to provide die/molds that improve the productivity of their various applications, Okuma will display 3 machines for multitasking and highly accurate VMC requirements. Our booth will offer IoT applications of next-generation “monozukuri” featuring cutting-edge machining methods and Okuma Intelligent Technology.
Please visit us to learn more.
The Main Item 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center MU-4000V-L

The name of Item[1] UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-4000V-L
Details[1] For widely varied parts in small lots. A 5-axis machine that combines high efficiency and high accuracy
when high quality is demanded for workpieces with many machined portions.
One-chuck multi-sided machining plus outstanding surface quality and dimensional accuracy are achieved
in simultaneous 5-axis surfacing and turning.
Good access to the table and spindle reduces operator burden during set-up work.
A “monozukuri”* revolution with a compact, easy-to-use 5-axis machine.

The name of Item[2] Intelligent Multitasking Machines MULTUS U4000
Details[2] Highly accurate, rigid, hi-tech, and
All that’s required and packed in the ultimate multitasking machine

Flexible machining from all directions
 Long Y-axis travel: 300 mm (MULTUS U4000)
 Max machining dia: ø650 mm

An array of extended specs to match user
workpiece applications

 17 diverse variations in all
 2 saddles for minimum cycle times
Lower turret: V12 L/M, milling tool power: 5.5 kW
 Plenty of lower turret applications

Max milling or turning performance

 Milling: 604 cm 3 /min (S45C)
 Turning: 5 mm 2 (S45C)

To support long and stable machining accuracies
Thermo-Friendly Concept
 Thermal deformation over time: less than 10 µm

The name of Item[3] Vertical Machining Center MP-46V [For High-Precision Parts and Die/Mold Applications]
Details[3] For high-precision parts and die/mold components
that require a higher level of machined surface finish.
A vertical machining center that approaches the
ultimate in quality and efficiency.

The name of Item[4] The Next-Generation Intelligent CNC OSP suite
Details[4] Every aspect of “monozukuri” encompassed with one finger

CNC—From machine controller to monozukuri controller
Suite apps for the visualization of all kinds of information, from workpiece
drawings, tooling and other information needed in machining preparation to
information on machining and machine status; suite operation for the full
command of those functions.
Okuma’s next-generation intelligent CNC “OSP suite” combines intelligent
technology to elicit maximum performance from machine tools with evolution
of the CNC controller to all aspects of monozukuri, from production
preparation to maintenance.

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