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1000-15 Goubara Minamihara Shiojiri

Website http://www.syvec.co.jp/
Email info@syvec.co.jp
Phone number +81-263-51-1800
FAX +81-263-53-5100
PR message SYVEC has constantly been in pursuit of innovative stamping. Micron product quality with complex geometry is produced by ultra-precision tooling made in extraordinary underground-plant and our topmost forging technology. Our stamping technique breaks through the existing conventions.
The Main Item Precision Cycloid Gear Made from Thick Sheet Metal

The name of Item[1] Precision Cycloid Gear Made from Thick Sheet Metal
Details[1] Reduction gears require weight-saving and high-efficiency structure. SYVEC aimed to reduce the cost of cycloid geared reduction unit, and developed our ultra-precision cold forging technology to form cycloid gears from thick sheet metal by stamping.

We can count following four points as merit of forming cycloid gears by stamping.
1.Flexible Figure (Since the shape is formed by tooling, the gears can be free curve.)
2.Forming of Complex 3D Shape (Material thickness can be changed differently within one part in forging process.)
3.Weight-saving (SYVEC can make each part smaller so that the whole unit can be lighter.)
4.High-Productivity and Low Initial Investment (The productivity is very high compare to machining, and the initial investment can be smaller.)

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