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Hayashi Co.,Ltd.
Booth NO. 6A-104-2




3-6-1 Kigawa-Higashi, Yodogawa-ku,Osaka-City, Osaka, JapanPost Code 532-0012

Website http://www.hayashinet.co.jp/index.html
Email osaka@hayashinet.co.jp
Phone number +81-6-6390-1544
PR message Let us help your cost down and productivity improvement with our high quality manufacturing supporting services. "Absolute tolerance, Shim plates" have been used by major makers. "HI-SPEC (for special parts)" can reduce your time for procurement, and "ReKAKO" for 3-D Reverse Engineering system. We're looking forward to seeing you with these products/services at our booth!
The Main Item Shim plates, special parts, ReKACO

The name of Item[1] "Absolute tolerance." Shim Plates
Details[1] "Shim plates" have been used to align heights, fill gaps, and as spacers, in various field of manufacturing.

Our shim plates achieve strict tolerance up to +/-0.001mm, and never compromise accuracy for all lineup of our shims.
Shim plates with width 300, length 1000mm have 20 thickness markings, you can recognize thickness easily even after cut them off.
Our shims have been developed to become more useful, and make it easy to organize.
And our shims are made of stainless steel SUS301 with hardness HRC47~54.
They are more durable than other materials.
The name of Item[2] HI-SPEC (System for special parts)
Details[2] We supply total purchasing process from quotation to delivery of special parts!

You might have took much time to enquire, place order, and manufacture, why don't you outsource them to us to save your time and streamline your work flow?

Just pass 3-D CAD data to us, and leave bothering dis-assembly it into 2-D on Hayashi.
Of course we can quote promptly, and make it possible to supply all process from manufacturing to batch delivery.
The name of Item[3] 3-D Rebirth engineering system "ReKACO"
Details[3] Rebirth Engineering to make special parts "reborn". We coordinate rebirth process totally.

"ReKACO" is rebirth engineering system which can reproduce items without data.

▼For those who think as below▼
□ Don't have parts drawing (parts data) since a mold is too old.
□ Don't have parts drawing (parts data) since a mold was made in foreign country.
□ Modified a part, and need exactly same one.
□ Don't have parts drawing (parts data) since a mold maker already closed.
□ Need to make spare parts for local production in overseas.

Our skilled staffs adjust 3-D scanned data into 3-D solid drawing, and make formal production drawing!
You can save much time by outsourcing all process from manufacturing to batch delivery to us!
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