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PR message We are the first brand which started producing and selling self-contained gas springs in the world.
Today we are developing not only gas springs but various components used nitrogen gas technologies.
Please come and look our technologies which the other gas spring suppliers don't have.
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The name of Item[1] KALLER Controllable Gas spring KF2 Series

This is a gas spring which can be locked at the bottom position. It is useful with (1)There would be a risk to deform the product at the return stroke. (2)To remove the wrincle of the product (3)To decrease the operation.
The name of Item[2] KALLER Flex cam

This is a cam unit operated by hydraulic. Nitrogen gas is used as cam return.
And it has an accumulator with nitrogen gas filled, which is used as a safety function when the trouble happen. It can be used with every angle. Also the driver(power unit) can be used far from the cam position. This is why it is called "Flex cam".
The name of Item[3] KALLER Gas Springs CX Series

Compact and powerful spring. Similar initial force to our CU4 springs, but the total length is shorter than CU4. 3 size of initial force, maximum stroke length 80mm.
The name of Item[4] KALLER Gas Springs TX Series

It has the as same total length as our TU series. But the initial force has as same as our X series, which means more powerful. Max. initial force 20tons and maximum stroke length 300mm.
The name of Item[5] KALLER Roller Cam

It is cam unit operated by roller. It can be used every angle for one unit. Also can be noise reduction. Used gas spring inside which return the unit. There are 2 types, RC as standard unit and RCP as PSA(Peugeot) standard.
The name of Item[6] KALLER Heave Duty Protection HDP

This is heavy duty protection. If you used in very robust environment with such as particles and oil, the life time of gas springs will be increased.
The name of Item[7] KALLER Counter Balance Gas springs TEBEB Series

This is the counter balance gas spring with bearing in the ear, both cylinder end and piston rod end. There are some actual results used as a counter balance of the robot. It can be longer life time compared with our standard gas springs.
The name of Item[8] KALLER Gas Springs XG Series

The shortest with biggest force in our gas spring line up. Many Japanese automotive makers specify XG as their standard. This is a derivation of our X series which has our standard G1/8 port for hose connection and bottom threads are longer than X series. Max. initial force 6.6 tons, and max. stroke length is 125mm.
The name of Item[9] KALLER Dual Post Lifter DPL Series

This is the lifter installed gas spring inside. Can be used as sheet lifter.
The name of Item[10] KALLER Gas Springs MT Series

The sole series which can be used in high temperature(max.120℃)in our gas spring series. It can be used in the injection mold where is difficult to
use our standard series. Ma. force 1 ton and maximum stroke length 80mm.
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