株式会社 基成エンジニアリング

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株式会社 基成エンジニアリング
KI-SUNG Engineering Co., Ltd
Booth NO. A-737
Website www.kisungeng.com
Phone number +82-54-463-6636
FAX +82-54-463-6371
PR message Kisung Engineering is a professional mold manufacturer specialized in plastic injection mold building and Metal Injection Molding process, founded in June 1996.
Equipped with design engineers conducted Quick Delivery Mold development for leading entrepreneurs and 3D design system,
Kisung Engineering is providing Total Mechatronics Solution Service for Clients’ QDM, injection Mold, and MIM mold for the best support to the clients, fearlessly challenging for the state of art technology.
Especially, possessing product design team and assembly line in the same shop, Kisung can achieve the best competitiveness with 1-Step production system of Design → PROTOTYPE Molding→ Production Molding → Injection at once.
The Main Item

Injection Molded samples for Automotive, Smartphone and other Network Devices (2-shot molding etc)