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株式会社IHI Ionbond Japan
IHI Ionbond Japan Co.,Ltd.
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1 Shin Nakahara Cho, Isogo-Ku, Yokohama, 235-8501

Website www.ionbond.com
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PR message Ionbond™ PVD coatings improve the tool life, performance and productivity of Froming and Molding tools. We introduce Ionbond™90, Tetrabond™ta-C, Ionbond™ 35 and other Coatings.
The Main Item PVD coating solution for Forming and Molding tools
The name of Item[1] Ionbond™ 90 Concept
Details[1] Ionbond™ 90 Concept is a next generation PVD coating designed to provide superior performance in a wide variety of metal forming applications, especially the most demanding cold forming applications. The combination of high hardness, low coefficient of friction, and excellent resistance to cracking under mechanical fatigue conditions enables Ionbond™ 90 Concept to provide superior performance to traditional PVD coatings such as TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, and TiCrN. It also is a viable alternative to CVD or TD coatings considering that Ionbond™ Concept 90 can provide comparable or superiour performance to these solutions.
The name of Item[2] Ionbond™ 35 CrWN
Details[2] Ionbond™ 35 provides superior performance to PVD TiAlN and CrN coatings in aluminum die casting applications. Ionbond™ 35 exhibits excellent resistance to penetration by molten aluminum, high abrasive wear resistance to the silicon common in die casting alloys, and superior thermal fatigue resistance. These properties lead to improved resistance to soldering (aluminum sticking) and erosion that are the common tool failure modes in aluminum die casting applications.
The name of Item[3] Tetrabond™ Plus ta-C
Details[3] Tetrabond™ Plus is an advanced ta-C coating for forming non-ferrous metals as well as composite and plastic materials. With an sp3 content of 80 – 90%, it reaches a hardness of over 5000 HV.

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