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PR message We will exhibit Agathon and Meusburger products. The highlights are the new product roller guide pin "AGS" for injection molds and the "air cushion mold assembly table" that makes the mold base open and close smoothly by air flow. Demonstrations will also be held.
The Main Item

Agathon guiding system for injection mold
The name of Item[1] Roller guide pin “AGATHON GUIDING SYSTEM” for injection mold

Roller guide pin "AGS" is a system that can perform from guide (at the time of insertion) to positioning with one unit by converting the guide pin in the injection molding die into a roller guide.In the conventional positioning of injection molds, it is common to perform primary positioning with guide pins and final positioning with positioning parts such as straight blocks and taper pins.On the other hand, there is also an approach in which a roller retainer is attached to the guide pin to make it a roller guide, and the guide pin is used for primary positioning to final positioning.AGS is the second generation roller guide pin.
The name of Item[2] High-precision positioning product "RFCS" for injection mold

Taper pins and straight blocks have been used as positioning parts for conventional injection mold, but these positioning parts are tend to wear due to their shape and require regular maintenance.The high-precision positioning component "RFCS" for injection molding dies manufactured by Agaton has a concept different from the conventional positioning component of positioning with bearings, and has the following features. 1alignment adjustment 2 Zero clearance positioning 3 High durability is a product that meets the performance required for positioning parts.
The name of Item[3] positioning fixture "Mini Centering" for mold insert

With conventional dies, jig grinding is required to process the pockets for insert in order to obtain the accuracy of insert position, which greatly increases the cost.
By using mini-centering for mold insert, the insert accuracy can be obtained by mini-centering, so plate processing can be switched from pocket processing to groove processing. Therefore, it is possible to finish from a jig grinding machine to a surface grinding machine, which makes it possible to simplify mold processing and reduce processing costs.
The name of Item[4] Roller guide for press dies

Guide that does not rotate in the radial direction
The Agaton roller has a preload applied to the letter "H" and is a non-rotating guide in the radial direction. In press working with a long stroke, there is a fine radial rotation of the ball, which causes wear of the punch and die. Agaton rollers improve the behavioral stability of punch plates in press dies and contribute to extending the life of punches, dies, and punch guide bushes.

Bearing rigidity ratio 5 times
Bearing Rigidity Agaton roller bearings are about five times more rigid than ball bearings. Therefore, it is ideal for press with high loads.

Unbalanced load distribution structure
when an unbalanced load is applied, the load can be distributed over the entire guide post, and even if a load is applied from any direction, it can be received with the same rigidity.

Can also be used for high-speed press
The maximum speed of the Agaton roller guide is 150m / min. High-speed press 1000 spm is possible depending on the stroke.
The name of Item[5] Air-cushioned assembly table

The air cushion mold assembly table lifts the mold plate by air pressure, facilitating mold assembly and maintenance. Until now, the position of the plate was adjusted by operating the crane, but this product reduces the burden of worker. the assembly time can be shortened.
[Reduction of the number of people assembled]
It was common sense that assembly work required multiple operators, such as an operator who only supported when lifting. Since the number of people can be reduced, it is possible to efficiently allocate workers.
[Reduction of workload]
Work that was thought to be "heavy" changes to "light". Because women can do the work well, the work that was physically and psychologically hard work turns into "easy" work.
[As a reasonable mold switch gear]
it is very reasonable in price compared to a die mold switchgear with a mechanical structure, and it does not have a motor or electrical elements. There is no maintenance cost and no risk of failure.
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