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OPEN MIND Technologies Japan K.K.
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Albergo Musashino B101, 3-2-1 Nishikubo, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0013 JAPAN

Website https://www.openmind-tech.com
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PR message hyperMILL provides a single interface for 2.5D, 3D, and 5axis machining operations.
hyperMILL is a CAM system that optimizes processes and reduces machining times while providing maximum reliability, cost-effectiveness, and quality.
hyperMILL is fully integrated into our own CAD solution ”hyperCAD-S”.
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hyperMILL 2021.1、hyperCAD-S 2021.1、VIRTUAL Machining
The name of Item[1] hyperMILL 2021.1

hyperMILL 2021.1 offers a wide range of innovations and optimization functions.
Particularly significant changes from the previous version are the functions for mold machining.
The efficiency and quality of the "3D Profile Finishing" and "3D Z-Level Shape Finishing " have been further improved.
One of the highlights is the new "5X radial machining", which allows for higher quality finishing of molds, e.g. bottle shapes.
Another new function is the "Toolpath Edit", which allows users to create even more flexible machining data.
The name of Item[2] hyperCAD-S 2021.1

hyperCAD-S has been enhanced in various ways with every version update.
hyperCAD-S not only offers functions for efficiently completing the CAD tasks required when creating toolpaths, but now also for 3D design, such as parametric modelling.
The highlight of the latest version, hyperCAD-S 2021.1, is the new "Align Best Fit" .
This function automatically calculates the optimum position of the stock geometry and the compornent geometry by superimposing the two models in pairs of arbitrary points. The ideal placement can be precisely controlled using a variety of parameters.
Face quality information and metadata can now also be read when importing CAD data in neutral or native formats.
The name of Item[3] hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining

hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining has been first released overseas, but this year it will finally be available in Japan.
Data output in a reliable NC format, proven in 5-axis machining, and NC code-based simulations that support collision checks other than cutting movements as well, provide an even higher level of safety than in conventional environments.
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