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PR message If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your mold maintenance and bring it in-house, leave it to Sanwa Shoko's all-around mold maintenance support!
We offer a wide range of mold maintenance services, mold cleaner, welder, electrical discharge treatment and scum removal.
The Main Item

High precision TIG welder WELDPRO SW-V02
The name of Item[1] Ultra-precision TIG welder WELDPRO SW-V02

The definitive machine for those who want to repair mold overlay for parting lines, pinholes, dents, etc.!
The usable welding rod sizes range from a minimum of φ0.1mm to a maximum of φ2.0mm! By using a wide range of linear shapes, it is possible to weld according to the repair area! The amount of heat can be reduced to less than half of that of general TIG, so you can start repairing overlay cladding with less installation cost and space than with laser welding machines!
It is also equipped with a resistance spot welding function, so it is effective for temporary fixing of fine wires and attaching shim plates!

Plastic molds: repairing parting lines, apex angles, and pinholes

Press molds: Raising the bottom of nests, repairing cutting edges, attaching shim plates

Die-casting molds: Repair cracks, build up worn parts

Rubber mold: repair of cutting edge, repair of loose corner

Glass mold: build-up of worn parts
The name of Item[2] Ultrasonic lapper LAPTRON ALLIIIR

LAPTRON ultrasonic polishing and polishing solves the problem of discharged eyes and back corners that are difficult to polish by hand or with air tools!
The LAPTRON ALLIIIR, which incorporates the advantages of 50 years of ultrasonic polishing machines, can handle a variety of parts in a single machine!

With a maximum movement range of 50 μm, this range of 18,000 to 26,000 movements per second allows you to polish without moving the hand tool by hand.

In addition, it is equipped with a rotary tool that uses a rubber grinding wheel, so you can switch between ultrasonic and rotary operations with a single touch, even when you want to increase the radius or polishing width, without taking up any work space.

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The name of Item[3] Supersonic mold washer WAVECLEAN U600 Type2

Ultrasonic die cleaning machine that reduces the time and effort required for die cleaning!

We recommend it to companies that have problems with the following!
Cleaning is done by hand and takes too much time and manpower.
   You can do other work since your hands are free during cleaning!
There are some stains that cannot be removed depending on the resin.
   We can handle gas stains and resin stains from various types of resins!
The operating cost of the machine is high!
   ➡Basically, only cleaning solution! The model with a built-in filter only requires a filter!

Mold cleaning results!
Plastic mold ➡Gas stains, resin film stains, oil stains, rust, etc.
General-purpose plastics: PP, ABS, PVC, PE, PS, PA, acrylic, etc.
➡Engineering plastics: POM, PBT, PC, 6 nylon, 66 nylon, PET, etc.
Super engineering plastics: PPS, PEEK, PTFE, PAR, LCP, etc.
Thermosetting resins: urea, phenol, silicon, epoxy, polyurethane, melamine, DAP,
The name of Item[4] YAG Laser welder WELDPRO SW-L120

Laser welding machine dedicated to mold repair!
 Easy to set up, ideal for mold maintenance and overlay repair
 Various options to suit the usage environment
 Easy maintenance!

We recommend this product to companies that have problems with the following!
For welding in places where a welding torch cannot fit
   Welding can be done where the laser beam can reach.

We would like you to consult with us about welding after installation.
We have a proven track record in various mold industries and are always available for consultation!

We would like to consult with you about safety measures according to company standards.
We have experience in safety measures for major auto parts manufacturers!

We have experience with safety measures for major auto parts manufacturers!
We follow up with you through visits and online methods.

Features of laser welding machines by model
SW-L120 General-purpose mold repair model
This single machine can handle all types of mold repair! It can also be used for large molds!
The name of Item[5] Prevents scum riser DEPOSITRON820

[Press Die] For prevention of crust build-up!
Recommended for companies that have problems in the following areas!
[Press] Cannot stop cusps from rising with die-cutting of around 1mm.
[Press] I want to take measures to prevent scrap from rising, but I don't have the budget to remodel.

Advantages of each die
Press die: Prevention of crust rise
 Can be used for existing dies because it can be prevented by adding coating to the die side.
 ➡Electrode size is as small as φ0.3mm, so measures for small holes are also possible!
 No damage to the die because it does not scratch (coating film is formed)!
Die-casting mold: Prevention of hot water contact
 The maximum coating thickness of 0.03mm (30μm) prevents abrasion!
 The tool is small enough to process even the smallest of shapes!
 φ3mm-φ0.3mm can be used according to the location!
Bending dies Improved holding power
 The coated surface is 0.01-0.03mm thick to improve holding power.
Improved holding power!
The name of Item[6] Resistance welder QUICKWELDER SW-808

Fixed mold shims for reliable adjustment!
Speed welding for emergency treatment of molds!
Fume free and easy to build working environment!

Recommended for companies that have problems in the following areas!
The shim plate comes off easily.
The shim plate can be fixed securely by welding!
It is difficult to disassemble and maintain the shim plate immediately due to production time.
Simple pinpoint welding repair of burr points is possible!
Argon gas is not available in the factory (restricted).
It can be used immediately after connecting to the power supply.
We want to start repairing at low cost.
Lowest price among Sanwa Shoko's welding and welding machine series!

Main applications for each mold
Plastic mold
First aid for burrs Correction of places that are difficult to weld!
Pinhole repair Ideal for repairing very small pinholes that are difficult to weld!
Press molds
Height adjustment of shim plate by die-cutting prevents misalignment.
Alignment of master R shape of drawing die.
The name of Item[7] High-Precision Supersonic mold washer WAVECLEAN PLUS

For cleaning molds that cannot be cleaned with conventional cleaning machines or by hand!
For those who want to clean "electroless nickel plating" and "mirror surface molds", we propose a new cleaning machine!
Let's solve this problem with the dedicated cleaning machine "WAVECLEAN PLUS"!

We have also developed a special cleaning solution, "WAVELIQUID N-18", which makes it easier to clean even more precise molds!

z Compatible with molds with 1nm class surface accuracy!
z Double cleaning with 28kHz ultrasonic for optimal mold cleaning and 75kHz ultrasonic for precision cleaning!
Double ultrasonic cleaning with 28kHz ultrasonic for best mold cleaning and 75kHz ultrasonic for precision cleaning. z Two-tank slide system saves space and allows ultrasonic cleaning after cleaning in one unit!
z Two cleaning liquids can be used for different applications!
The name of Item[8] Stereomicroscope SANWA SCOPE

This stereo microscope is convenient for precision work such as inspection and research. The flexible shaft and two fine-adjustment knobs allow you to move the microscope freely, so you can see the magnified image in any place without fail. A strong magnet is used for the mounting part, which can be easily detached by switching the switch.

Magnification: 10x / 20x (fixed eyepiece interchangeable)
Arm: Flexible arm (Long arm stand available as an option)
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