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PR message ‘Suppon’ enables impossible undercut configurations.
・Make mold simple and smaller.
・Reduce mold design restriction.
・Reduce mold die machining.
・Make undercut molding more reliable .
The Main Item (1)Next Generation Undercut Molding Unit, (2)No Bali and Difficulty Molding Precision Press Die

The name of Item[1] Next Generation Undercut Molding Unit ‘SUPPON’
Details[1] 'Suppon' enables you to form smartly 'impossible' undercut configurations. 'Suppon' can; / set you free of
restricted mold design that the conventional undercut molding
mechanism has involved so far.
/ reduce your mold die machining much more than ever thanks to 'Suppon'
making your die simple and smaller.
/ cut back the injection cost resulting from employing a smaller injection
machine in which your smaller 'Suppon' mold die is set.
/ make your undercut molding mechanism simple by the gimmick 'Suppon' has.
/ make your undercut molding mechanism more reliable thanks to the high
precision of 'Suppon', that is a complete factory-assembled unit in which all the parts you've machined, assembled and adjusted at site so far are packed in one unit.

The name of Item[2] High quarity Press mold die
Details[2] 【Let's change into Stamping parts from Cutting parts!】
 Our Precision Motor case Transfer press tool Die do not lose in a Cutting part
We can transfer die design and production in the motor cover and
motor cover. The motor case is important for accurate roundness
and concentricity and bearing bore shape.
I have the skill and experience to provide a stable supply of the
【We can integrated one stamping parts of two stamping parts!】
We can be Low Cost efficiency , Lighter, Smaller, High strength
SHEET FORGING:Three-dimensional stamping product is available .
(Increased thickness of the plate)
Combined processing:In the PRESS DIE,PRESS TOOL to produce multiple
stamping products, and combines.
The name of Item[3] Chips-less Pipe cutters , Automatic pipe processing line
Details[3] ■Full Automatic Line
The ease in operation has increased the productivity of each machine. And as a result, the processing lines of manufacturers using an Osuga machine can be fully automated.

■CNC Pipe benders
Liquid Crystal Color touch panel is introduced for equipment operation. Operation method is same as exisiting but more simple. Operation by using Touch panel screen is simple and required input information are minimized for easy operation.

■Pipe cutters
The Osuga automatic pipe and tube cutting machine series - friendly to the environment and people.

■Pipe end shapers
Now, Osuga machine has made ease of operation and increased productivity a reality. Until now, the plasticity processing method could not produce a machine capable of complicated and accurate pipe end formation. As with all our products, automatic feeder and product inspection devices are available.
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