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PR message As a specialized manufacturer “Can consult a gear”, we will introduce molds, molded gears, metal gears, noise and durability tests. Particularly PEEK’s “thick teeth worm wheel” and metal “thin tooth worm” realize miniaturization of reduction gears. We propose a consistent solution from design to prototype, mold, mass production and testing.
The Main Item plastic&metal gear

The name of Item[1] Rolling Worm
Details[1] Gears that are formed by rolling, without cutting the material, have stronger and more durable teeth. Furthermore, the tooth face is clean, so the gear will not damage the plastic parts with which it comes in contact. We use a precise rolling method that surprises people when they learn that the gears were made by rolling and not cutting.

Door lock actuators, sunroof motors, power window motors, etc.

Brass, steel, others

The name of Item[2] Gear Cavities
Details[2] These are die inserts for manufacturing small precision gears. At Chiba Dies we manufacture excellent gear cavities (dies and punches as well) for both standard and special gear profiles. These cavities enable mass production of high precision gears.
Plastic gear molds, dies for diecast gears, dies for pressed gears, dies for forged gears, broaches, dies for sintered gears, etc.
Spur gears, helical gears, racks, bevel gears, face gears, crown gears, worms, worm wheels, cam gears, internal gears, non-circular gears, ratchets, sprockets, timing pulleys, etc.
Involute, cycloid, clock, special and other profiles.
–Size of teeth
2.0 module and below
Pre-hardened steel (HRc35°-45°)
Hot forming steel (HRc50°-60°)
With bottom and penetrating types

The name of Item[3] Gear Molds
Details[3] Demand for ever higher proposal, design and technical abilities when manufacturing dies has accompanied advances in plastic materials and forming techniques. Chiba Dies will go out of its way to propose gear dies to satisfy the customer's wishes.
–Types of Dies
Plastic gear molds
Dies for diecast gears
Dies for pressed gears
Dies for forged gears

Automobiles, robots, cameras, office automation and audio-visual equipment, home electronics, clocks, micromachines, etc.

Involute, cycloid, clock and special profiles

–Types of Plastic Gears
Worms, worm wheels, helical gears, spur gears, bevel gears, face gears, crown gears, racks, cam gears, internal gears, non-circular gears, ratchets, sprockets, splines, timing pulleys, knurling parts, serrations, screws, etc.
The name of Item[4] Hourglass Worm Wheel
Details[4] Helical gears had been used with worm wheels due to manufacturing difficulties. By making them into hourglass shapes, the surfaces contact resulting in improved durability. We can also form a single integral molding with flanges on either side of the gear.

The name of Item[5] Plastic Gears

The name of Item[6] Metal Gears
Details[6] Bevel Gear (articulated)
Machining of metal bevel gears

Die Cast Gear
A molten alloy is injected into the gear die to make gears with high precision casting surfaces.

Sintered Gear
Metal powder is compression molded within the die and sintered.

Pressed Gear
Plates and rods are pressed to form precision gears.

The name of Item[7] CD processing gear
Details[7] –Materials
Brass rods, phosphor bronze rods, nickel silver rods, aluminum rods and other free-machining nonferrous metal materials
Free-machining steel, free-machining stainless steel and other steel materials
Duracon, nylon, ABS and other engineering plastic rods

–Machining Range
[CD Gear Rod]
Involute, cycloid and special: M0.04-M1.5 f2.5-f45
Helical gears: Up to 40 degree torsion angle
[CD Knurling Rod]
Longitudinal knurling rod, Chiballet (double-cut), special shaped rods: p0.1-p5.0 f0.4-f50
[CD Deformed Rods]
Deformed rods made from straight rods, square rods and round rods
–Precision CD Parts
Gears, timing pulleys, handles, keys, knobs, insert parts, sliding parts, axle bearings, bushings, wheels

Cameras, surveying equipment and other optical products,
Electrical machinery, Automobiles
Other precision parts

CD machining rods have high dimensional accuracy for their entire length and allow for higher precision parts after cutting and other secondary fabrication.

The name of Item[8] Inspection and Testing
Details[8] Demands on gears include precision, reduced noise and better durability. At Chiba Dies, we are ready to respond to the various needs of our customers by performing a wide variety of inspections and tests from various gear precision tests to tribological testing.

The name of Item[9] Trial gear
Details[9] It can be made from one piece of metal or plastic.
Also High-speed prototyping of injection molded articles from dozens of pieces "Speed Try" is also suitable for repeat molding, making it ideal for small volume production.

The name of Item[10] CF-2 and CF-3 Model Deflection Inspection Devices
Details[10] Using a spindle and pin gauge, it is a simple process to inspect deflection on parts with holes and perform comparison measurements with models. Pictured here are the table top type and the portable type deflection inspection devices.

With many precision parts that have been created through a variety of methods such as molding, pressing or cutting, the devices can be used by inserting the spindle into the part. Such measurements can be peformed in no time.

Much thought has been put into these simple deflection inspection devices, so they can be used easily for various types of inspection and are convenient for use anywhere.

Diameter (maximum) of spindles and pin gauges that can be used
f8mm(CF-2), f17mm(CF-3)
Deflection inspection range of measurement (maximum)
f60mm(CF-2), f100mm(CF-3)
Range of measurement (maximum) for surface runout

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