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PR message Nanosoft proposed to Die & Mold Engineer by 3D Power!!
3DQuickPress is a world popular 3D Progressive Die Designing Software 3DQuickForm and 3DSimSTAMP is Metal forming Simulation Software
IMOLD is the Plastic Mold Designing Software.
The Main Item 3DQuickPresss / IMOLD

The name of Item[1] 3DQuickPress
Details[1] 3DQuickPress is a SOLIDWORKS add-on for progressive die design. With a 3D solid model of the part, a 3D strip can be created quickly and easily, and also be communicated clearly throughout the work group using the free SOLIDWORKS eDrawings viewer before further detailing of the die without time wasted.

Powerful Unfold, a feature recognition technology, can handle native SOLIDWORKS? sheet metal parts for imported data, and provide a knowledge base for spring back and bend allowance. Form features can save valuable time from die designs and give them more design productivity tasks.
Strip Layout Manager provides users with intuitive tools to quickly complete the strip simply by drag & drop command with instant graphical feedback.
Die Set Design begins after finishing the strip layout. 3DQuickPress? will automatically create all punches defined in the strip design.
PRL assists users to insert home-made components into die sets structure with minimal manual operations.

The name of Item[2] 3DQuickForm
Details[2] 3DQuickForm is a powerful SOLIDWORKS? add-in application for inverse forming simulation. High speed, accuracy, and full associativity with SOLIDWORKS? data are taken into consideration to make 3DQuickForm a production design tool for die designers.
Tool designers may fully concentrate on the die design processes and virtual try-outs. Simulations are run in project driven manner and support multiple projects; thus streamlining design feasibility study, process simulation, and optimization. Simulation results are displayed to show initial blank shape, different material thickness, and stress/strain distribution. Customizable material database allows designers to test their design with different materials. Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS, 3DQuickForm is easy to use and rich in functions.

The name of Item[3] 3DSimSTAMP

The name of Item[4] IMOLD for SOLIDWORKS
Details[4] IMOLD for SOLIDWORKS is a powerful, completely SOLIDWORKS integrated CAD tool for streamlining and automating the mold design process. Leveraging SOLIDWORKS, it captures the process specific knowledge of mold engineering to provide designers with expert, highly efficient design tools and step by step guide for the complete mold design process. IMOLD delivers high level of productivity as mold designers can easily produce preliminary and production design at radically short time. Besides greatly shortening the lead time for design, IMOLD also offers unparalleled integration to existing manufacturing systems to dramatically reduce the mold delivery schedule.

The name of Item[5] 3DSimCOST