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Blum-Novotest K.K
Booth NO. 3-343




2202-1 Oyama,Komaki,Aichi,485-0026

Website www.blum-novotest.com
Email info@blumlmtj.co.jp
Phone number +81-568-74-5311
FAX +81-568-74-5655
PR message Automated setup before machining, then automatic precision measurement after machining, further inspection of the surface quality, to complete all of them on the machine tools, thereby you can realize the higher precision, high quality and high efficiency of the mold machining.
The Main Item Touch Probes, LaserControl, FormControl

The name of Item[1] Touch Probes TC6x
Details[1] Tactile workpiece measuring system with BRC radio transmission
・High-Speed touch probe with latest BRC radio transmission echnology and multidirectional measuring mechanism
・Perfect for large 5-axis machines where line of sight between probe and receiver is blocked or intermittent
・Detection of workpiece position
・Correction of workpiece orientation
・Thermal compensation of the machine tool
・Contour measurement

The name of Item[2] Touch Probes TC6x-DIGILOG
Details[2] High-precision digital measurement and high speed scans in analogue mode. DIGILOG will detect the defective the machining errors by scanning process.
・DIGILOG=high-precision digital measurement and cyberspeed scans in analogue moed
・Detection of machinig errors by scanning process
・Workpiece measurement in turning&milling machines
・Data transmission with BRC radio technology

The name of Item[3] Touch Probes TC6x-RG
Details[3] Roughness gauge evaluate the surface roughness, without removing the work-piece on a lathe and machining center. Finding out detection of low-quality surface and it reduce rate of defective
・Enhanced productivity and process reliability by elimination of manual and downstream tests
・Superior precision due to patented shark360 measuring mechanism

The name of Item[4] Leser Control NT
Details[4] Non-contact tool setting system for machine tools
・Extremely precise support system for tool setting and monitoring under harshest conditions
・Tool setting and monitoring at nominal spindle speed
・Highest adsolute accuracy due to focused laser beam
・100%process reliability due to patented NT-Electronics
・Blum pneumatic unit and shutter system provide superior protection
・Pre-aligned for easy mounting
・Programmable by integrated microprocessor

The name of Item[5] Touch Probe Z-Nano
Details[5] Tactile tool setting system with cable connection
・Robust and extremely precise-Tool setting probe with linear working principle for monitoring of smallest tools
・Tool breakage detection
・Tool length measurement
・Axes compensation
・Temperature compensation

The name of Item[6] FormControl
Details[6] That's how easy workpiece inspection in the machining centre is with the help of FormControl measurement softwere.
It makes no difference whether the workpice has a free-form surface or standard geometry.
・Quick processing checks
・Recognises machining errors
・No delays,as immediate reworking possible
・Early detection of reiects by means of measurement checks between machining steps
・High processing reliabiity through real-time production monitoring
・FormControl logs and documents the final quality

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Measuring Machines and Instruments

3D Coordinate Measuring Machines & Instruments

Forming & Surface Roughness Measuring Machines

Automatic Precision Measuring Machines & Instruments


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