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TechnoCoat Co., Ltd.
Booth NO. 2-601




1458-3 Kariyado, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka 426-0001

Website http://www.technocoat.co.jp/
Email toiawase@technocoat.co.jp
Phone number +81-54-646-1721
FAX +81-54-646-1720
The Main Item YAG Laser Overlay/Welding Equipment TL Series Electro-Spark Deposition Devise Depo Series

The name of Item[1] YAG Laser Overlay/Welding Equipment TL Series
Details[1] YAG Laser Overlay/Welding Equipment
TL Series

Laser welding achieves very Precision and High quality Overlay & Welding

Enables more precision Overlay & Welding which was impossible by
conventional welding techniques.

Made in Japan YAG Laser Overlay/Welding Equipment accommodates
various works from large to small /precision, and achieved Higher-Performance
and Low Cost.

- Various mechanical parts wearing, scuffing, and defect Overlay
- Various molds and dies (Plastic Injection, Diecasting, and
Press etc.) Overlay repairng
- Aluminum or Casting production Pin-Holes repairing
- Dissimilar Metals Overlay welding
In addition, various and own applicaitons are available!

The name of Item[2] Electro-Spark Deposition Device "Depo Series"
Details[2] Electro-Spark Deposition Device
Depo Series

Depo Series are a new Coating as preventive manintenance and
Overlay system with advantages of EDM (Electro Discharge Machining)
as our original patented production.

Extremely low heat input eliminates distortion, shrinkage, under-cut,
and internal stress. Portable and usable at anywhere with 100 - 220V
power supply. An optimal fittable device for On-Site repairing works.

- Overlay and Coating of various machinery parts, equipment parts,
and tools etc
- Aluminum or Casting production and dies Overlay / Pin-Holes
repairing etc
- Diecast dies etc. surface treatment / Erosion or Seizing etc prevention
- Plastic injection, rubber molds Overlay repairing / Burr prevention
and PL part repairing
- Press dies Coating / Scuffing, Seizing, or Scum Rising prevention
In addition, various and own applicaitons are available!

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Surface Finishing System

Die & Mold Mending System

Welding Machines


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