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2-21-4, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Website http://www.sanwashoko.co.jp
Email sanwa.shoko@nifty.com
Phone number +81-3-3376-3464
FAX +81-3-3374-0346
PR message ver 50 years of operation, we announced two new models, precision TIG welding machine WELDPRO SW-V02 essential for mold repair, LAPTRON ALLIII which comes with one mirror finish from discharge eye treatment, combined with a mold washing machine We will support the mold consolidation in total.
The Main Item WELDPR SW-V02

The name of Item[1] WELDPRO SW-V02
Details[1] The WELD PRO SW-V Series models have evolved where the functions of TIG welding that enables ultra-high precision and resistance welding that is convenient for tentative fixing and simple repair are integrated into one welding machine. The series models feature the more user-friendly Weld Navigation that leads precision welding to a higher dimension, and the Aluminium Mode that enables precision welding of aluminum that is currently assumed to be difficult. Furthermore, the varieties of functions that assist the various scenes of welding support beginning welders, and high-level performance that has been accumulated after each version upgrade responds to the skills of experienced welders. Why don’t you physically feel the sophistication and the evolution that open up a new era in ultra precision padding welding machines?

The name of Item[2] LAPTRON ALLIII
Details[2] The newly developed transducer and the control circuit where heat generation is suppressed to the limit enabled stable lapping work without interruption triggered by the safety device even after many hours of use. In addition, the newly developed φ25 mm small diameter hand tool features the use of aluminum with excellent heat dissipation characteristics and a rib design that works as heat dissipation fins and a finger grip. The result is that the user hardly feels fatigue even after continued operation.
Furthermore, the high power of 50 μm maximum down to the extremely fine vibrations of 1μm minimum are achieved. The wider power zone enabled wide-range lapping of large molds and precision lapping of micro-machined molds. Conventional lapping operations that were executed with two or more machines can now be handled with one Laptron machine. The through high-performance operation will achieve drastic improvement in the labor effectiveness.

The name of Item[3] WAVECLEAN U600 Type2
Details[3] Removing Mold Deposit(MD)!!

Polyacetal(POM)!! / Polycarbonate!! / Elastomer!

We are now ready to supply our Wave Clean Series Supersonic Wave Mold Washers. The mold washing machines come in three versions.The U600 Type-1 with full specifications complete with the filtration filter, controlled heater, and special chamber, and the U600 Type-2 with a compact, simple design that is equipped with well-developed functions. U300 is a size that is appropriate for a small metal mold. It is an economy model that can efficiently wash metal mold with a small amount of cleaning liquid. Either type offers efficient, safe molding washing operations.

The name of Item[4] YAG laser weldr WELDPRO SW-L120
Details[4] The high-power YAG laser with a maximum power of 120 W and one pulse energy of 90 Joules realizes high-precision welding with a variety of metals and alloys. Moreover, it comes equipped with a triple safety system with a filter glass for the YAG laser and two electronic shutters. It also has a binocular microscope with crosshair marker for pinpoint micro welding, and an indication beam essential for high-precision welding. We offer reliable performance in fully equipped units at the best prices in the industry.

The name of Item[5] DEPOSTRON 820
Details[5] The service life of molds and cutware has been extended several times. Any desired portion can be coated with a hard metal, such as tungsten carbide (coating thickness: 1/100 to 3/100 mm). By applying such a coating, the service life of sliding and wearing parts of drawing dies and die-cast molds can be extended. In addition, coating of the inner surface of press dies will prevent scum risers.

The name of Item[6] Stereo microscope SANWASCOPE
Details[6] The apparatus is a stereo microscope that is convenient for precision work, such as inspection and research. The microscope can be flexibly moved with the flexible shaft and two fine adjustment knobs, thereby ensuring absolute magnified observation of any region. The microscope is fixed with a strong magnet and is easily detachable by operating the switch. You can choose either eyepiece lens of 10x or 20x magnification ratio.

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