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Technocrats Corporation
Booth NO. 6B-1001-2




1-5-5 Matobacho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima, Japan

Website http://www.technocrats.co.jp
Email suppon@technocrats.co.jp
Phone number +81-82-264-1010
FAX +81-82-264-1071
PR message
Our company can provide Next generation undercut molding unit 'SUPPON' and High quarity press molding die.
Our products can make a difficult molding and contribute cost down of your products.
Please come our booth and check our products!
The Main Item Next Generation Undercut Molding Unit 'SUPPON'

The name of Item[1] Next Generation Undercut Molding Unit ‘SUPPON’
Details[1] 'Suppon' enables you to form smartly 'impossible' undercut configurations. 'Suppon' can; / set you free of restricted mold design that the conventional undercut molding
mechanism has involved so far.
/ reduce your mold die machining much more than ever thanks to 'Suppon'
making your die simple and smaller.
/ cut back the injection cost resulting from employing a smaller injection
machine in which your smaller 'Suppon' mold die is set.
/ make your undercut molding mechanism simple by the gimmick 'Suppon' has.
/ make your undercut molding mechanism more reliable thanks to the high
precision of 'Suppon', that is a complete factory-assembled unit in which all the
parts you've machined, assembled and adjusted at site so far are packed in one
The name of Item[2] High quarity Press mold die
Details[2] 【Let's change into Stamping parts from Cutting parts!】
 Our Precision Motor case Transfer press tool Die do not lose in a Cutting part

We can transfer die design and production in the motor cover and
motor cover. The motor case is important for accurate roundness
and concentricity and bearing bore shape.
I have the skill and experience to provide a stable supply of the

【We can integrated one stamping parts of two stamping parts!】
We can be Low Cost efficiency , Lighter, Smaller, High strength

SHEET FORGING:Three-dimensional stamping product is available .
(Increased thickness of the plate)
Combined processing:In the PRESS DIE,PRESS TOOL to produce multiple
stamping products, and combines

Technocrats is the impossible can be possible.Please make a question about
the product.PRESS DIE,PRESS TOOL experts will be seriously considered.
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